The Importance of Sustainability

The Importance of Sustainability

Lately we’ve been thinking a lot about sustainability. Whether it means drinking out of a reusable water bottle or carpooling to work, people are exchanging their old inefficient ways for more sustainable, earth-friendly practices. Companies are making sustainability part of their mission statement, and are vowing to do their part to help our planet. Customers, primarily the younger generations, take sustainability very seriously and some are even only buying from companies that are using their resources responsibly. So how can branding go sustainable? 

1) Go digital- this might seem obvious, but going digital is one of the best ways that your brand can spread their message sustainably. Instead of using paper for your marketing campaigns or invitations, try to send it out in an email or social media post. The world is shifting to digital anyways because of its convenience and affordability but it also has sustainability qualities that make it the best outlet for your brand. 

2) Know your numbers- Data allows you to target a very specific audience for a marketing campaign, and knowing that can help you cut back on the number of materials you send out. Specificity increases the effectiveness of a campaign which means more sales with less effort. 

3) Know where your material is coming from– If you want to advertise your brand on a gigantic billboard on a busy highway, you need to understand how billboards are made. How much energy goes into printing a billboard and are the materials used to create it sustainable? How many will you need to reach the level of impressions you need to consider the campaign successful? And how do those considerations compare to other print products? For example, if people are using a reusable water bottle but washing it every day in the sink, is that usage of water more damaging to the environment than a plastic bottle?

4) Take your time to get it right- If you make the time to hire an expert and get your message right on the first try (which is always the goal!) that means you don’t have to use up more resources and energy trying to fix it. That means less time in production, less late nights in the office (with the lights on) and less materials ending up in the trash!

5) Make sustainability initiatives a part of your brand- not only is it important to reduce your own waste, but you also have an opportunity to go on the offensive and inspire others to do the same. You can do this by simply shifting the messaging around initiatives you’re already part of. For example if your company requires you to travel a lot, give back to the environment by planting ten trees per plane ride or a tree per thousand miles. Want to go even further? Invite your customers to join in on the fun and match your contribution, then host a tree planting networking event each year 

There are many ways that we as human beings can protect ourselves and the environment. We can make our own individual choices such as buying an electric car, but it is really important to make changes within our brands and companies so that we can make a lasting change. Not to mention that using sustainable resources has the ability to earn you  more money in the long run!


The Luck of the Draw- Is There Such a Thing?

The Luck of the Draw- Is There Such a Thing?

Luck – that fickle creature that comes and goes as it pleases. It whimsically chooses who floats and who sinks with no more seaworthy captain than chance at the helm. Right? While we hve yet to gain the ability to predict last nights winning lotto numbers. There are still a few ways to prepare your brand to tackle adversity and get that bada$$ lady luck on your side. Here are five ways that you can prepare yourself for success during hard times in the future according to and

  1. Prioritize your relationship with your existing customers – sometimes brands get so caught up in trying to gain new customers that they forget to value the ones that are already there. Before, during, and after a hardship, it is important to remain loyal to the people who are loyal to you as well. Communicate, engage, and find out what they want! 
  2. Invest in your business – don’t wait until your brand is struggling to give it the TLC that it needs. Update your website frequently, stay on top of new technology that could benefit your brand, and come up with a new corporate image and strategy before you desperately need one. Don’t wait until it is too late to start giving your brand the maintenance that it needs. 
  3. Invest in yourself – even when your brand reaches success, it is important to never stop learning and bettering yourself as a person and innovator. Read books involving your area of expertise, listen to podcasts about how to better yourself as a leader, and don’t be afraid to learn a new skill. God forbid another pandemic hits, these new skillsets could save you and your company from going under. 
  4. Make your work accessible and adaptable – as we all know, COVID made many people work from home. This was a big adjustment period for everyone. Is your business zoom friendly? Are your employees equipped with the technology and resources that they need to thrive outside of the physical office? Understand how lack of physical connection can or may impact your business. 
  5. Put some money away – when hard times hit your company, you will be so happy that you have the emergency fund that you do. It helps to keep a separate account for savings so that you have it when you need it the most. 

Preparation makes life look lucky. Is your brand prepared for whatever life throws at it?