Wish You Could Clone Yourself? 3 Places to Automate

Wish You Could Clone Yourself? 3 Places to Automate

As business owners, we’ve all had that fun challenge of learning to scale. How can we increase our revenue, knowing we can’t increase ourselves. When time, resources, and accessibility are limited, it can be difficult to scale without substantially increasing cost. Automation is a great way to bring in some recurring revenue so that your business can continue to make money, even when you take time off.1 ) Automate your customer relationships. Relationship marketing continues to be of the most importance. Word of mouth is still the number one referral. It can feel daunting to keep in touch with all of your customers while trying to make new customers. You can automate this. By using tools like email marketing, social scheduling, content planning, and a CRM system, you can keep track of your customers, and contact them automatically at the necessary times without even stepping foot into your office.

2 ) Automate your sales. It is easier to scale products than people. If you are looking for a way to automate your sales, consider creating a product line. This can be something simple like a digital book, or digital course, or branded material goods. By creating a product line, you are allowing income to continue coming into your business, even when you take a vacation.

3 ) Automate your processes. Instead of starting from scratch with each new customer, automate your processes. Create a sales funnel and think about what you want your customers to experience, from the first time they hear about you to years after purchasing. You can use things like landing pages and digital ads to bring people in, emails and social messages to stay in touch, and digitized onboarding and offboarding processes to reduce the amount of work with each new interaction. If you are a service-based company, there are many online platforms that offer digitized contracts and invoicing so your clients can sign and pay immediately online. If you’re product-based, consider a service like Shopify that can help you manage e-commerce online.

Whether you choose one or all three of these options, automation can make your business, and your life, run much more smoothly and profitably.

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