5 Ways to Boost Your Brand in 2024

5 Ways to Boost Your Brand in 2024

In the ever-evolving marketplace of 2024, spotting the tell-tale signs of branding misfires is more crucial than ever. But fear not, dear reader, for this blog is your beacon in the murky waters of brand revitalization. Let’s dive into the symptoms of ineffective branding and, more importantly, how to cure them with flair and a sprinkle of strategic genius.



Ever find yourself surrounded by clients who seem to have wandered into your realm by mistake? They don’t get your vibe, and frankly, you don’t get theirs. It’s not them; it’s your brand alignment, or the lack thereof. It’s time for a makeover, but not the kind that requires a new wardrobe. Dive deep into the soul of your brand. Identity those core values that make your heart beat faster and let them be your guiding star. Craft a brand narrative that’s not just words, but a clarion call to your tribe. This isn’t just about attracting clients; it’s about summoning a community that marches to the beat of your brand, ready to champion your cause across the digital savannas.



If explaining your brand’s value feels like reciting Shakespeare to a toddler, it’s time to simplify. Your value proposition should be as clear as a sunny day, not a foggy morning in London. Dissect those complex ideas and serve them in bite-sized relatable chunks. Use visuals that stick and stories that move hearts. When your audience can see the value you bring without squinting, you know you’ve hit the bullseye.



Noticing your loyal subjects looking elsewhere for magic potions and spells you readily provide? Time to sprinkle some exclusivity into your offerings. Make your clients feel like they’ve got the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory. From special discounts to VIP soirees, create experiences that transform your customers into proud flag-bearers of your brand. It’s not just about keeping them from straying; it’s about making them feel so special, they’ll want to bring their friends along for the ride.



Struggling to attract knights and maidens to your cause? Perhaps it’s your kingdom’s culture that needs a dash of enchantment. Your brand’s allure isn’t just for customers; it’s a siren song for talent, too. Paint a picture of a workplace where creativity, growth, and magic happen. Share tales of triumph and camaraderie that make top-tier talent not just want to visit your castle, but to stay and defend it.



Your sales team is the frontline, the minstrels who sing your brand’s praises. If they’re more akin to a disheartened choir, it’s time to fine-tune your brand. Equip these brave souls with the tools of triumph and the lore of your land. Celebrate their victories, for their success is the melody to which your brand dances.


In the grand tapestry of 2024, your brand doesn’t just want to exist; it yearns to thrive and be revered. Addressing these symptoms isn’t just a remedy; it’s a revolution. Embrace this transformative journey with open arms and a fearless heart. The stage is set for your brand to not just survive but to conquer the new age with unparalleled zest and zeal. Let the brand revolution begin!

5 Tips to Winning Your Sales Cycle

5 Tips to Winning Your Sales Cycle

Brand strategy is a tool you use to grow your business, increase visibility and build brand equity. One of the ways to build a winning strategy is to align your marketing with how you’re already getting and doing business. To do that it’s best to understand your sales cycle.

Leverage the Power of Your Data
When it comes to reviewing data, time is your friend. It takes time to gather enough data to observe patterns caused by your sales cycle. If you are constantly adjusting your messaging or operating without a strategy, your audience won’t develop with enough consistency to deliver measurable results. They need a clear long-term strategy and consistent messaging to build a relationship with your brand.

Change with the Seasons
Here in Pennsylvania, we have 4 robust seasons. Seasons mean weather, and drastic changes in weather can greatly affect people’s habits which in turn affects your sales cycle. We also see fluctuations around holidays, graduations, weddings, and other life events.

Indentify Irregularities
As you review your marketing each quarter, take note of each of the factors that could be contributing to your data. A dip in engagement and/or sales may not mean that your audience doesn’t like your brand or messaging. It may just mean they were busy planning for a vacation. Likewise, an increase could mean you capitalized on a unique seasonal opportunity or lucked out being able to provide a product or service that met a particular need. You’ll want to consider if these factors are one-offs or if they will persist year over year then make adjustments to your sales and marketing strategy accordingly.

Know Where Your Customers Are in Relationship to Your Process
You’ll also want to understand where your customers are in relationship to your sales process. In any sales process, there are phases your customers go through — beginning with the customer who knows nothing about you, then the customer who kind of knows about you but isn’t really engaged, followed by the customer who knows about you and is interested but isn’t quite ready to make a purchase, and finally the customer who is ready to take action, and the customer you’ve already converted into business. Each of your customers will also navigate through your sales process at different rates. So it’s important to adjust your strategy to offer unique support and messages to individuals throughout each phase of the process.

Create a Branding & Communications Strategy that Aligns with Your Process
The goal of branding and marketing is to leverage your messaging, visual assets, and data to shorten your sales cycle and increase your rate of conversion, thus maximizing your time, and resources. Ideally, you’ll want to begin communicating with your audience at phase 1 and continue the conversation so that you are already top of mind when they are ready to take action. Strategies that see the most effective results target the person who is pre-decision, so you gain their business the second they decide to shift into action.

Do you need help understanding how to align your brand strategy with your sales cycle? At Intelativity, we offer full-service brand strategy. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Strategists to get started.