What Has Gratitude Got to do with Branding?

What Has Gratitude Got to do with Branding?

This holiday season, we are especially thankful for all of the little (and not so little) successes we’ve had over the past year.

While gathering data, advertising, and offering a top-notch product or service will all keep you top of mind, simply letting your clients, customers and employees know you appreciate the space and time they’ve created for you in their lives can go a long way to building the kind of brand loyalty others pay the big bucks for.

Showing Some Gratitude.

The number one trusted marketing resource is word of mouth. If your customers love you, they will do the marketing for you. Appreciating the customers that you have and catering to their needs can be a much more effective growth strategy than continually drumming up new business and trying to outrun a low retention rate.

One way to leverage your existing client base is by having a CRM system in place. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is essentially how and where you keep track of how often you connect with your audience.

Whether you are a humble solopreneur with an Excel spreadsheet or a Fortune 500 with a designated Salesforce Team, there are many platforms and options to keep track of your clients. Storing information such as name, contacts, purchase history, etc. can help you provide better customer service. And if it aligns with your brand, you can also track more personal interactions like birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments.

Sending tailored emails, personalized snail mail, or discount codes can be a great way to express gratitude for the people keeping your business open.

Do you have a CRM in place? If not, we can help. Schedule a free consultation to discuss what solution may be best for your clients and business goals.

4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Website

4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Website

It’s no secret — we love websites. They’re kind of our jam. While we enjoy all aspects of marketing and branding, web design is our main playground. A website is sort of like a digital handshake. It’s the first impression, and the way most customers are deciding who you are and whether they want to continue talking to you. Most businesses have websites by now. It is 2021 after all. But did you know that websites are not designed for a set and forget model? Your website is actually one of your best employees. It should be working for you, and bringing in consistent revenue. If you haven’t checked your website in more than 2 years, we’re fairly confident it’s time for a spruce. Technology is changing, and your business is evolving. Here are 4 ways to spruce up your website.

1 ] Do a brand audit.Your brand evolves as you evolve, and as your audience and the culture evolve. Take a look through and evaluate whether your website is truly reflecting who your business is currently. Are all your products and services listed? Is the information accurate? Is the tone correct? Your website is your first impression. Make sure it matches who your customer will actually meet.
2 ] Do a link check. Often links to external websites expire or change. Go through your website and double-check that all of your links are still accurate, and none go to error pages.
3 ] Make your website your best employee. Many websites were created without a strategy in place. This means it’s essentially a very expensive digital portrait. Attach a strategy to your site. Add some SEO, some analytics, and maybe some automation. Make your website work for you.
4 ] Change up the design. If you’ve had a stagnant look for several years, mix it up with some new design. You can change the order of pages, colors, or just the visual style. Giving your website a makeover is a great way to show people that you are still here, and still innovating.

What does this inspire for you? We would love to look at your website with you and discuss some options for making your website work for you. Schedule a complimentary 30-Min site audit here. here.