How Company Culture Sparks Success

How Company Culture Sparks Success

Do you feel as if your employees are dragging their feet around the office lately? Do you notice that they do not seem motivated to excel in their work? Do you think that your employees are excited to walk through the door everyday? Do you notice if they are completing their work ahead of time? The answers to these questions will be very indicative of the culture of your company. Being intentional about your corporate  culture can be the difference between employees that will work hard for you and your mission, and employees that are staring at the clock all day. When your employees feel respected, responsible and supported in their work environment, it greatly improves  their performance and dedication to  your company. Here are five benefits to creating a strong corporate  culture:

1) Increased motivation 

If you instill faith in your employees, they will feel more motivated at work. Have you ever had someone talk down to you, and then tell you to go do something? If you have, odds are that you didn’t want to try your best on that activity because the person who asked you to do it didn’t motivate you to carry out their request, nor did they give you the confidence that you’d be good at it. Having a positive company culture will make your employees want to please you, and work harder with what they are doing. 

2) Happier employees 

When employees are inspired by the environment that they are in, they become happier people. It’s just a fact! If your employees feel like they are in a creative, clean, and safe environment, they will feel more inspired to think outside of the box and speak freely, keep their workspace clean and neat, and smile more. When your employees are happy, they will be more likely to make your customers happy, and communicate more often, which will make your job easier and allow you to increase your productivity.

3) Employee engagement 

Employees who understand and accept the responsibility of their company’s mission and vision  are more engaged in their work. Brands with a strong corporate culture (i.e. Starbucks, Disney, SouthWest Airlines) have employees who work harder for longer, accept their responsibility to maintain corporate standards, and often build lifelong relationships with both employees and customers. If your corporate culture is strong you’ll find yourself begging your employees to take time off. 

 4) Better reputation

One of the best ways to grow your business is through referrals. What many business owners often overlook is the negative impact that disgruntled employees have on your corporate image. If your employees are unhappy, unmotivated, and uninspired by their work environment there’s a good chance they’re sharing that with everyone who asks them how their day is going, which is terrible for your reputation and can reduce the number of referrals that get converted into business.

5) Clear company mission 

With a strong corporate culture, your employees not only understand your mission and vision, they feel a personal responsibility to carry it out. This can create a strong sense of camaraderie among team members and lead to more collaboration, more accountability and ultimately more productivity .


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Viktoria Szilagi

Meet Viktoria Szilagi. As a Certified Coach and (female) business owner, Viktoria has seen many women in business struggle unnecessarily. Some failing to set clear goals and intentions. Others wasting time on activities that fail to move them forward. And many eventually losing that feeling of passion, excitement, and purpose that got them to start a business in the first place.

She saw too many women give up on their dreams, and knew she could make a difference. Viktoria developed the BBA Program to bridge the gap between the dreams that people have and the results that they desire. In the process, her clients also gain a deep sense of self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-actualization.

Viktoria works with her clients in a way that honors their spirit and individuality. Her mission is to empower others to bust through whatever is blocking their path to success and happiness with love, compassion, and encouragement. You can learn more about Viktoria and her BBA Program below.

Sarah Michelle

Meet Sarah Michelle. Sarah Michelle is the creator and CEO of HoneyMAP and a seasoned Brand Strategist. With a decade of combined experience in business strategy and lay psychology, Sarah looks at both the business as well as the company’s leadership to get to the heart of who they are, why they exist, and how to tell people. She has held roles in both ad agency and internal marketing and has spent the last five years helping business leaders harness their core mission to grow healthier brands. Sarah’s mission is to sweeten the world by ending identity crisis, and she speaks and consults nationally on discovering and owning brand and personal identity. When she’s not geeking out on identity, you can find her hiking with her furbabes or drinking copious amounts of coffee in independent bookstores. You can find her online at or Facebook/Instagram @SneakPeekSarah

Susan Murphy

Meet Susan Murphy, a marketing copywriter who specializes in the professional services and technology industries. She approaches assignments like a “corporate journalist” – striving to find unique angles and craft compelling stories that help clients generate awareness and build credibility. With almost 25 years of B2B content experience, she’s covered a wide range of topics, loves to interview (and learn from) thought leaders, and excels at distilling complex topics into enjoyable-to-read content.

She’s also an amazing team player who enjoys working with all levels of an organization, as well as with agencies and other marketing partners. Get to know Susan on LinkedIn.

Chanin Walsh Milnazik

Meet Chanin Milnazik, a branding expert with over 30years of experience. We are all about creating balance at Intelavitity, and that’s what Chanin does for us. She helps us find balance by allowing us to divide and conquer large annual budgets together as well as boutique projects. Having her in our corner enables us to provide the same exceptional service consistently to all of our clients. She is spectacularly talented and educated in the brand and marketing space, and a beautiful community leader. You can read more about Chanin and her experience on her website.


Patti Fiore

Meet Patti Drach Fiore, a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience. Patti is passionate and results-driven with a proven track record in the tech, finance, and professional services industries. She is skilled in marketing channels such as demand generation, account-based marketing, channel enablement, buyer behavior and buyer cycles, sales cycles and methodologies, program pricing and budget maintenance, and Marcomm project scoping and management, including vendor selection, communication and management, and procurement processes and management.

Patti is extensively skilled in brand and marketing strategy, and is a great collaborative partner in helping our clients grow their businesses.