What a time to be creative! There are so many advances in technology, and the marriage of tech and social media and brand messaging is continuing to blur the boundaries between advertising and relationships. With so many options available at our fingertips, consumers have the luxury of being picky when it comes to giving their business to the brands. Why would a customer accept a basic website, when they could have an experience? For the past several years, websites have become the digital handshake of a company. They are the first impression, as well as the introduction to the relationship. With the metaverse, they are becoming further immersive and experiential. Perhaps in the future you can try on your favorite brand’s clothing line, see what you look like in them, and virtually shop right there in the metaverse. Or maybe you can spend a day at a theme park, interacting with different characters. Or check in on different companies with your financial advisor. As our physical world continues to fuse with advancements in the digital space, tech companies continue to create opportunities to enhance the customer experience. In a competitive market, it’s increasingly important to monitor and optimize your website so that you continue to build brand equity and maintain market share.. What does your website look like in the metaverse? Let’s find out together- and make sure it looks awesome.  Brand Brag: GitHub is possibly the largest, most established development platform in the world. Millions of people use this resource to build and manage their softwares. They continue to house tons of helpful resources, tools, and information. If you would like some helpful insights on the metaverse, check out this great page. {link: https://github.com/M3-org/awesome-metaverse}