On the east coast, summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy the beach and crack open the books and the beers that have been calling your name. It is the perfect time for evening strolls and early morning runs. It is the perfect time to let the kids sleep in or even act like a kid for an afternoon. It also happens to be the perfect time to consider all of the possibilities and opportunities that your brand can explore. As the crazy COVID world we got used to starts to settle back down again, brands are reidentifying themselves and saying “hey, we are back and better than ever!” Here are the hottest brands of the summer that are reclaiming their brand image and introducing to the world something new and fresh! 


1) Burger King 

Burger King has recently launched their new and improved logo, packaging, and uniforms. This is Burger King’s first rebrand in twenty years. Their visual identity is completely updated, which allows them to stay in closer competition with their main competitor, McDonald’s. Burger King’s new logo pays homage to their logos from the 70s and 80s, creating a retro yet modern feeling for the brand. As the fast food industry grows more and more competitive, this rebrand will help keep Burger King a household name and inspire new and old customers to get in the drive-through line. Anyone else craving some BK fries now? 

2) General Motors 

Sustainability and environmentally friendly products are more important now than ever before, not only for the Earth’s benefit but for businesses as well. General Motors’s new tagline is “the clean skies of a zero-emissions future,” and their new logo with a gradient sky-blue color is meant to represent their new electric vehicle campaign. The summer time is a great time to buy a new car, which makes this rebrand perfectly on schedule. 

3) Kia

Kia is trying to reposition themselves as more than just the bargain car. Similar to General Motors, Kia is creating sustainable processes from beginning to end. This new brand, with the new slogan “movement that inspires” is ready to take on the summer and show the world that Kia is more than what you may perceive it to be.  

4) Warner Brothers 

Warner Brothers’s new and improved logo was finally used this year on the movie Locked Down, after getting a lot of backlash from their initial rebrand which took place in 2019. With an updated color palette, this 2021 rebrand was finally widely accepted from Warner fans, and seems as if it is ready to stay for the long haul. There’s never a bad time to watch a Warner Brothers production, but aren’t movie nights in the summer just the best? 

5) Pfizer 

Whether you have gotten the vaccine or you have not, we all can acknowledge the significance of Pfizer, who, unlike the other companies mentioned, rebranded themselves after getting worldwide recognition.  Their new logo symbolizes the new era for the company, one that is all about groundbreaking science. Those who have never heard of Pfizer before this year ( which I am sure is most people), will now identify Pfizer as a brand that prioritizes scientific discovery. 


Whether you are rebranding to stay relevant or you are trying to reposition yourself amongst your competition, creating a clear and consistent brand identity can launch you towards greater success. Are you ready for a rebrand? 


We hope you are having a safe and happy summer!