Did you know that there are ways to confirm that your brand is working for you? Before digital media, all most businesses could do to build their brand was to create a beautiful logo, launch a fabulous website, and then cross their fingers and hope for the best. Now there are a myriad of tools that allow you to track your progress and measure your results using real data. Data is the most powerful tool in the 21st century business owner’s arsenal. Here are a few that you can leverage to work for you: Social Media: Is your audience growing? Are they engaging? Social media is a world-wide handshake. It’s a way to share your brand with your audience and keep them engaged in conversation. Tell the people who already like you, how they can spend more time with you. And introduce yourself to people who haven’t met you yet, but would want to. Analytics: There are ways to see who is clicking on your website, and who is reading your emails. You can set up analytics through your email to see who is clicking and who is reading. You can also track what pages get the most engagement on your website. There’s even something called hot-mapping, which can show you where on any given page your customer’s eyes are spending the most time and exactly how long they are staying. CRM: Customer Relationship Management is a great tool to manage your relationships. Having it means you don’t have to memorize everyone’s details, draft personal emails one at a time or keep a file system in your head of what the last conversation with a lead was. CRM allows you to track your customers activity, see which messages cause your potential customers to check in, and even automatically schedule follow up emails and personalized responses. Simply put a good CRM system makes you so efficient, your network will start thinking you’re super human. Digital Advertising: With the data you collect from social media and your website, take your marketing a step further with digital ads. Not only can you craft a message that directly speaks to a specific target market you can also create a test to see how much engagement is generated by different messages. Digital ad data allows you to save money on messages that aren’t working and invest in the messages that will help you grow your business. Need help finding out if your brand is working for you?Schedule a complimentary consultation to talk to one of our strategists about stepping up your game.