Brands That are Hot This Summer

Brands That are Hot This Summer

We love summer! The long sunny days, being in the water, eating outdoors, soaking up warmth and fun; and in the current climate, we are celebrating these things with even more gratitude.This summer has been especially interesting as everyone has been finding creative ways to get out of the house and socialize. One thing I’ve noticed is that some businesses have been ghost towns, while others have had lines wrapped around the block.

Being in the industry of brand and business growth, we hear a lot of negativity and anxiety about the challenges that businesses are facing right now. It has been interesting to watch the dynamics as some businesses have struggled to hit this curveball of adaptation, and some who are set up for this climate have skyrocketed their success.

While some industries may have structural advantages, every business is feeling the need to pivot. Whether it’s expanding at a more rapid pace to accommodate an unanticipated business boom, or changing the business structure to provide services within these new parameters. We wanted to highlight a few brands that have been killing it in the game of adaptation.

Department Stores
Stores like Target are offering multiple brands and products under their brand which is helping multiple companies keep their doors open. Many have adapted by offering drive up and same day pick-up, increasing their online support, and implementing sanitation procedures.

Take-out Food & Prepared Meals
The restaurants who are surviving (and maybe even thriving) are the ones who deliver.  Families looking to divi up all the additional household responsibilities have created a huge opportunity for businesses who have the ability to safely take some of the burdens off of their plate. This is where we see prepared meals and take-out on the rise. The food industry has also had to accept the huge shift of no indoor customers, which means they need to offer more options for takeout and delivery. Chick-Fil-A for example implemented a new system for quickly accommodating an increase in drive-thru orders by having extra staffers taking orders from tablets throughout the line for better efficiency.

Grocery Delivery
In addition to take-out food, there is an increased need for take-out groceries as more families are choosing to cook. Companies like Bodhi Box, Fork’d Pierogies, and Backyard Beans have adapted by offering home delivery, subscription services, make-at-home offerings, and being candid with their scope of services and availability.

Online Gaming
With kids at home, the gaming industry is booming. Games like Fortnite are providing ways for kids to connect online and socialize with friends. They are leaning into the brand hype for new updates and releases, and offering a community of fun and entertainment.

Home Gym Equipment & Online Workout Programs
With gyms closed, many have had to get creative with their workouts. And with everything else closed, many of us have decided we need to start a workout. National brands like Peloton and local brands like Rumble Boxing are offering virtual classes, high end brand presence and messaging, and equipment that can be enjoyed anywhere. Their online instructors are able to bring energy and motivation right to the living room, which is inspiring more people to keep moving.

We’re not thrilled about everything that has happened so far but we love seeing the innovation that has come out this year. And we really love helping our clients discover their own. If you would like help creating online offerings or evaluating your brand, schedule a free consultation with our team.

We hope you have a beautiful summer!