Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie has decades of experience in providing senior level technical management and consulting services to the financial and insurance industries. She specializes in secure hosting, payment processing, and marketing solutions for e-commerce businesses. Most recently, she co-founded Platinum Technology, LLC which helps companies reach their online audience and profit from their online investments. Lisa Marie is a tremendous asset to the Intelativity team in helping our clients excel in their e-commerce and business endeavors.  

Housekeeping for Your Brand

Housekeeping for Your Brand

Does Your Brand Need a Digital Clean-Up?

For many of us in business, we are constantly moving. We’re on-the-go at a crazy pace, constantly mowing through uncharted territory and pressing forward. Forward momentum is great… but as the owner of your business, it’s also important to occasionally reflect on the experiences you’ve had and make sure you’re still positioned to meet your long term goals and recognize opportunities to pivot, do better or work more efficiently. With all of the unprecedented home-time, this season comes the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning. We thought we’d share a few of our favorite spring cleaning tips to keep your brand moving forward with you.

Update your website. Your website is essentially the handshake of your business. It’s often the first thing people see and the first impression they gather of who you are and whether they can see themselves working with you. Websites should be scanned at least every couple of years to make sure that they are keeping up with the latest technology and your brand. A few things you should ask yourself are:

  • Does the brand design and messaging still match your business?
  • Have your services or staff been updated since this site was launched?
  • Do all of the links still work?
  • Has the site been updated to comply with the latest criteria for SEO and analytics? (Not sure? We can help with this)
  • Are you utilizing your site as a tool to do better business? (check out November’s blog article for more info) suggest linking through

Your website is a likely place to find areas that could use a clean up because technology and your business are always evolving. Keeping your website current and relevant goes a long way to making you stand out ahead of your competition and keeping your brand message consistent.

Check in with your people. Have you talked to your audience lately? If you don’t already have one, create a CRM system. CRM is customer relationship management. It’s important to keep track of who your customers are, and who your leads are, and maintain those relationships. Statistically, 80% of your business will come from 20% of your audience. This means repeat business is a goldmine of potential, so client relationships are everything. To get started:

  • Pick a CRM platform (we can help you with this).
  • Compile all of your current and past customers.
  • Compile all of your leads.
  • Be mindful to take notes and set a communication schedule to check in with everyone and let them know what you’re up to and any new products or services that may benefit them.

Every brand needs a pulse check now and again. Create some space to evaluate what’s working and not working, and bring your brand up to speed with your business. If you would like help with this, you can email us for a free 30 min consult.

Streamline your processes.
As the owner of your business, it can seem like there are new challenges flying at you every day; but if you take a minute to look back and notice how much you’ve learned, you can use that information to help you streamline your processes, save time, and create more consistency for your brand. Here are a few ways to help streamline your communications:

  • Create a list of FAQs and answers to them in a branded PDF that can be shared digitally
  • Create a presentation that walks potential customers through your sales pitch and shows off your killer case studies. (Want to really knock their socks off? Have us fully brand and animate it for you.)
  • Create templates for emails you send regularly and schedule them to send automatically. (i.e. sales follow-ups, reminders, recurring payments, periodic updates).

Growing your business doesn’t always have to include adding more. Sometimes it can be as simple as cleaning up what you already have. Looking for ideas and specific ways to get started? We’d be happy to talk strategy with you.

Meirav Bieber

Meet Meirav! Meirav is a seasoned pro with valuable skills in Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Sales & Marketing Operations, Demand Generation, Events & Conference Management, Sales Enablement and Support, and Business Development — to name a few. 

As a veteran, Marketo, and Hubspot System Administrator, Meirav has developed process workflows and implemented customized, and managed sales and marketing automation systems for organizations spanning various industries, including technology, legal, healthcare, real estate, and professional services.  

Meirav manages lead and demand generation strategy, execution, and analytics, including creating a marketing plan, conceptualizing creative campaigns and messaging approaches, collaboration with product content and design resources to maximize asset performance, campaign setup and execution across all marketing channels, metrics collection and analysis, and recommendations for cost savings and improved campaign performance and increased ROI.  You can connect with Meirav and find out more about her professional career below.