In the early days of the World Wide Web, sites consisted of little more than a multicolored word document with a handful of links. Today advanced technology has given sites the capability of providing directions, signing up for emails, even providing virtual customer service. You are no longer limited to the static display of facts and pictures. Websites have grown into a multi-facetted tool that when used strategically can significantly improve the way you do business.

Find Great Employees – In today’s market it can be tough for employers to find great employees. Using customized content forms and properly configuring your SEO, your website can make it easy for prospective employees to find out what positions are available, submit an online application, provide necessary background information, upload their resume and even schedule an interview.

Track Your Marketing Dollars – It used to take an enormous investment of both time and resources just to get an idea of whether your marketing efforts are paying off. Now with third party tracking tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel you can find out in real time just how well your marketing dollars are working for you. Whether it’s a print/traditional marketing campaign, a new sales strategy or a targeted digital campaign. You can find out in real time exactly how many page visits you received, how your visitors got there, and identify which content is trending. You can then use this information to expand your service offering, increase your ad budget, or cut out marketing efforts that are unsuccessful.

Create a Great First Impression – Have you ever Googled a person before deciding whether to meet with them? We thought so. Studies show that you have 27 seconds to make a good first impression, and today chances are high that those first 27 seconds will be spent online. So, use your website to tell people who you are. Configure your SEO so your website shows up first when someone Googles your name (not your MySpace page from 2004). Also, make sure your website and social profiles are authentic and up to date. Want to make it better? Create an awesome video, post case studies with real data and create a space for customers to submit rave reviews.

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